Electric Vehicle Program

Zero Emissions

Partner with us for clean, green electric vehicles. Our EVs eliminate ozone-forming nitrogen oxides, reducing greenhouse gases and promoting a healthier environment.

Community Support

Join our sustainable movement. Together, we reduce pollutants and create a cleaner future, leading the charge on sustainability.

Reduced Maintenance

Embrace our EV program for streamlined maintenance. Enjoy cost savings and efficient operations with our electric buses.

Noise Reduction

Quieter Rides, Peaceful Communities: Experience tranquility with our electric fleet. Our EVs reduce noise pollution, ensuring quieter and more comfortable transportation.

Green Mobility: Safe, Clean, Sustainable

Driving Towards a Greener Future

Our EV plan significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by operating clean buses with zero tailpipe emissions. With our commitment to sustainability, we lead the industry in reducing emissions through a modern fleet and company-wide bus-idling reduction.

Discover if Electric is Right for You

Our Team Can Help You Decide


Evaluate electrification feasibility based on site and local utility, considering potential grants and total cost of ownership using our VAT®.


Determine grant success and compute ownership costs, ensuring a smooth transition to EVs.


Acquire buses and charging infrastructure, setting the foundation for a reliable and efficient electric fleet.


Optimize charging schedules, reduce energy costs, and provide comprehensive training for drivers and technicians. We prioritize future savings, funding opportunities, and revenue streams. Safe. Clean. Green.

Contact us today to explore our electric vehicle program and revolutionize your transportation fleet.